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Soft Drink and Beer manufacturers often change the design of their cans, therefore making many of the finished items available "Limited Editions"
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The Bi-Plane is the best seller. The propeller spins freely and the wheels also move. If you hang it outside, the bi-plane will try to take off when it is windy. If you make the bi-plane for a gift, before the final assembly, you can write (engrave) a special greeting on the bottom of the wing. The 1st one you make won't be perfect. You will get comfortable with the aluminum when making the 1st one. The 2nd one will be great and you can still recycle all the scraps.
 Parts Needed 
Screening Spline
Hobby Wire
2 Beads
12 Cans
Tools Needed
Long Nose Pliers/Cutter
Center Punch or Nail
X-acto™ / Razor Knife 
Eye Protection
Ruler/Tape Measure
 Gallery              (Some brands you see here are available in Etsy)
 7 UP                                                       SQUIRT                                                 MILLER DRAFT
PABST                                                   MTN. DEW                                            SPRITE
BUD SELECT                                        BUDWEISER (red & white)                   BUD LIGHT
BUSCH (winter design)                          COKE (bear design)                               MTN. DEW THROWBACK
 BUD LT. BRONCOS                             BUD LT. NFL                                       PEPSI
DIET COKE                                          BUSCH (camo design)                           MTN. DEW WHITEOUT