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Soft Drink and Beer manufacturers often change the design of their cans, therefore making many of the finished items available
"Limited Editions"
The Christmas Sleigh  Manual Download  $10.00    (Will be emailed to you within 24 hours)  
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  Fill the Christmas Sleigh with candy and the perfect trinket gift becomes a keepsake because you made it for them. You could make the gift more personal by using their favorite brand or writing a special message on the bottom with your signature and year. If you get started now and make just one sleigh a week, you will have several by Christmas. You could give some as gifts and sell some by Christmas to make extra money. What a colorful display.   
 Parts Needed 
 6 Cans
Tools Needed
Long Nose Pliers/Cutter
X-acto™ / Razor Knife 
Eye Protection
MOUNTAIN DEW                                7 UP                                                       A&W
BUDWEISER (red, white and blue)         BUD LIGHT                                          BUSCH
COKE (olympic design)                          SPRITE                                                  PABST BLUE RIBBON
STRAWBERRY SUNKIST                   CHERRY 7UP                                       SQUIRT
CHERRY PEPSI                                    MILLER DRAFT                                   GINGER ALE