Finished items available here
Soft Drink and Beer manufacturers often change the design of their cans, therefore making many of the finished items available "Limited Editions"
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 Once you have the parts cut out and molded, the train comes together easily. The train engine is an excellent gift for the railroad worker or train enthusiast. The wheels can actually move with the connecting rods. If you want to engrave a greeting on the train, you could turn over the cab roof, write your greeting and leave the roof upside down. Or you could write your greeting on the bottom of the cowcatcher. A great conversation piece and colorful decoration.   
 Parts Needed 
Screening Spline
Hobby Wire
15 Cans
Tools Needed
Long Nose Pliers/Cutter
Center Punch or Nail
X-acto™ / Razor Knife 
Eye Protection
Ruler/Tape Measure
Gallery   (COMING SOON)