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          Learn How to Make Novelties out of Aluminum Cans
                               Download Illustrated Manuals --- Get Started Today! ---
      Recycle Aluminum Cans - The Fun Way and Send the scraps to the recycler
      Turn your empty cans into great novelties. Aluminum cans are easy to cut and mold into novelties. Make them for yourself or for family and friends. They sell well at craft fairs and flea markets too. You will enjoy saying "I made it". Think you can make just one? Ha! Someone you know will want one in their favorite brand.
 Finished items  available here
Soft Drink and Beer manufacturers often change the design of their cans, therefore making many of the finished items available "Limited Editions"
              Bi-Planes(Gallery, parts, tools, order)                   Trains(Gallery, parts, tools, order) 
              Ships(Gallery, parts, tools, order)                   Sleighs(Gallery, parts, tools, order)

Notes from our Customers

     "It took my husband a long time to recover after heart surgery. His doctor recommended a hobby. I saw your ad and bought the plans for the airplane. It took him a while but he made one. When our granddaughter saw it, she loved it. He gave it to her. Two days later she called him to ask for two more. He has made many since then". Laurie, San Diego, California

     "Haven't been cut yet! Once I got over my fear of handling the aluminum, my projects came together easily. And yes, I still use caution". Ben, Ann Arbor, Michigan

     "I own a tavern near a small airport. A lot of people that work and play there come in my place. My wife made a couple planes to hang in there and people have asked about them. She now has a part time job making things with aluminum cans. She is having fun too". David, Kansas City, Missouri


     Aluminum Can Craft is not recommended for small children and are "NOT" toys. Please exercise caution when working with aluminum can craft and tools. Small pieces of aluminum may get away from you. Keep small children and pets away from your work area and always wear eye protection. Thank you

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